Participatory biodiversity assessment - Cameroon

Project Title

Development and promotion of improved methods for identification, assessment and evaluation of biodiversity for tropical mountain environments – R7112

Geographic Focus



Environment Research Programme, DFID


School of Agriculture and Forest Sciences, University of Wales Bangor




Obtaining local values for biodiversity: Protocols used by the ERP Mount Cameroon Project

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Naming and recognition of species in participatory biodiversity inventory

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Ranks, counts and scores as a means of quantifying local biodiversity values

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Generating an index of local biodiversity value


ETFRN Meeting

Participatory monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity. Internet workshop and policy seminar convened by the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, 7 - 25 January 2002


This project worked with the Limbe Botanical Gardens to devise tools which could be used to measure the values ascribed by local people to biodiversity. Besides utility value it was found that local people also appreciated a range of non-utilitarian values including aesthetic, existance and cultural associations at a range of scales from the landscape to individual leaf and flower. A range of protocols for field activities were devised which permitted these values to be quantified in a manner that was easily adopted and understood by local people.


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